What makes buxcoin valueable?

What makes buxcoin valueable?
What makes buxcoin valueable?

What makes buxcoin valuable?

1, Buxcoin Total Supply 355 million coins.

2, the company no longer sells coins, new members must buy coins from the seller at cashfinex

3, the guarantee deposit package will balance the currency.

4, the new MT4 package attracts operators to our markets and all 50% commercial profits are going to buy buxcoin at cashfinex.

5, cryptocurrency merchants that have Buxcoin in Cashfinex will receive a discounted rate.

6, Cashfinex accepts other currencies to list and will be traded with Buxcoin and the main crypto currencies.

7, the member can do Buxcoin mining through QT Wallet by depositing Buxcoin, which is called Staking.

8, we have mobile wallet to store Buxcoins and four large currencies such as BUX, BTC, ETH, BCH

9, Buxcoin will appear in coinmarketcap with zbg and binance exchanges.

10, CFX options (binary option) use Buxcoin to trade. This will bring more blockchain transactions.

11, the CFX social commerce platform will open the Historic page with the Copy Trade (MAM) system. It will attract the best operators in the world to our market and we can choose our favorite operators.

12, BuxSuperStore will be launched this year.

13, Buxcoin will become a cross-border payment gateway through the FX sector, which is the lowest commission.