Buxcoin Staking-QT Wallet

Buxcoin Staking-QT Wallet
Buxcoin Staking-QT Wallet

What is staking?

The process of obtaining incentives through collaboration in stakeout with the necessary amount of coins is called Bux stakeout. The user is weighed according to the stake he has or the age of participation in the stake. To unlock stake participation, a vigorous user must keep their web wallet connected to the network for a minimum of eight hours.

Staking Process

Download the latest version of QT Wallet for Windows, Linux and MacOSx and install it.

Connect the computer to the internet
Open the cold wallet.
After opening the cold wallet the stakeout begins.
How to open Cold Wallet?
The full method can be found here.


All the answers to your questions about qt wallet. 

How to install and use qt wallet?

Go to www.buxcoins.com

And go to the resources and click on QT WALLET and select the window and download the wallet exe file. Then open it and let your wallet sync with buxcoin blockchain, it will show a green line at the bottom of the wallet, let it complete. It can take up to 12 hours. Make sure your internet and your wallet are online.

Aftrer complete the synchronization now lock your wallet by clicking on options and encrypt the wallet and use a secure password and copy it in any safe place. Now your wallet will restart. Now reset your wallet and unlock it by clicking on the option and unlocking wallet.

Now click on the received currency option and copy the address of your qt wallet and send all your coins from the web wallet to the qt wallet. Now make a backup copy of your wallet by clicking on the file and the backuo wallet option. and make a backup daily or after 2 or 3 days. .dat file save to external usb or email and if you have any other questions, ask me at any time.