We are the most productive currencies in the market. These are some of our characteristics:

1- buxcoins using the latest blockchain technology faster speeds 7000 tps and the limited amount of coins only 350M.

2- Buxcoin has its own discounts on the Exchange website in trading fees for buxcoin holders, and you can include other currencies in our trading portal. And the payment method is through Visa and MasterCard, go directly to buy coins.

3- We have MT4 trade for the member who wishes to make a profit every day. All earnings income of 50% pass to the bux coins of the market, the demand for coins will increase.

4- you can bet to get additional coins.

5- we have our own Bitsolives marketing system to bring more members into our community, members will increase it to 1 million by 2021, we currently have 100,000 members and 35 countries.

6- We have online e-commerce stores that offer members the opportunity to sell products. Members have to deposit 2500 coins to open BuxSuperStore Marketplace, and customers can make payments through Visa Master and PayPal. All cash will go to buy cashfinex Buxcoin from the Cashfinex seller, this will bring strong demand for buxcoins.

7- We have our own Buxcoin wallet that can store 4 main currencies and can even exchange in the same application for next year.

8- Buxcoin will be included in Coinmarketcap in April for exchanging Mercatox, Zbg and Bitrex, Binance for this year.

9- Buxcoin will become a payment gateway for FX market in the future.