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10 Things Everyone Hates About Buxcoin And Current Market Situation


10 Things Everyone Hates About Buxcoin And Current Market Situation

this is all our and we're also creating a community where we are trying our best to bring the community in place this is a sort of forum we are trying to build in-house where we will post a lot of blogs some of our traders will join this community they will give in they will write about the market they will write about the box wine you know traders will help you out here so this forum will basically help us help our community to guide 

so people who don't know-how to create on the exchange it will be here to help you out in this forum and this will be this can be either you this can be traded in the outer world will come the faders will come when they will join the forum they will write about us they will write about other products circle because of the exchange the global exchange is more geared as a box kind xt5 now we come to the exchange now you have seen the

previous exchange I look at this exchange so we have designed they put a concept together you know after learning a lot of stuff on the voltage gain and the market looking at the competition we have decided there we are we have to complete the opponent fast to be honest in the market and make a more robust platform compared to what we have done in the previous version so now this whole

exchange is a one single Pinto platform where you can trade you can see of all you can see everything you know we have designed we have you can see all the moving prices on this, that means right now we also bringing the prices on the bank the real time prices of many products you know so that means you can get a real buy the price you can get a really simple eye which in the or equation pad for volt

the battery was not there when the old platform you were actually creating the bio Pfizer metal file the first price was put by the by the company and then later on the pipe so supported by being but decline which state LA to gap in between the PI on the selling market and that is one of the reasons why people got stuck now we are bringing the prices on the from the bank which has got a very deep liquidity liquidity

means they are more buyers and sellers in the market that means the price fluctuates every second and that will help us to actually code the right pipe so for the example you're talking about PTC USD but because you use de price we are getting it from the bank that means you know not trading on the price quoted by us but you rather you are trading on the price which is quoted by the market so right now in old

exchange we have around four or five details on the exchange right from your 20 to 25 days here and we kept on adding pays off to pay up to here and then we will try to make it more like these people where you know they have got so many ways out there so we will be like will bring the whole area for a product like finance and endpoint base and make our exchange similar to them and we have created

long I think 10 pairs of box points for you to agree with it show you so you can see right now we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so we have 9 pills in the previous version, we have only 4 pills so we added five more pair to it that means you have got 5 more extra pair for you to comment rate I will also come back on the training site but let me tell you the whole features that we've created we have also created my account

section that means anybody who has got a similar same email for the bit so live account those accounts will appear here so it becomes much easier for all of you to now transfer coin from which so live account cash please while you are trading on the cash paper so you don't have to go to the bridge so life could transfer the point so this will also you know and comfort in ease we are creating for our time

we have a sophisticated some supreme locus to your system from here not from bit so light because that is creating a lot of confusion everything is going bits alive to get different software different team all together I am running the cash mix exchange so I am anything related to cash Phoenix he is Locker ticket here and then we look after those tickets now we have added that FAQ system a very detailed FAQ so if

somebody who doesn't know how to trade doesn't know how to hook up a card you cannot go through the whole array of effect fa Q's where you can read it and you can understand the complete system you know we have pretty much done every single thing in this they've made a very detailed fa Q's for you to understand everything you talk about even their ball else you talk about loop the car you talk about you

know how to trade even affects everything we have here the complete thing we have put it here so we have to keep on adding more and more ridiculous to it will make it a more collaborative section of the epic use plus we are also building articles on to the section or worse or whoever is not able to follow that the content them rather more convenient on reading the article when they follow the trading platform you

can through it by reading the articles but you look at the type of technology the type of concept we have put together wise but those type of issues who have done that you know none of the platforms you see here is a big Phoenix open here you with the fixed platform dependent if you want the ethical you don't have to you have to go down to look at the FAQ and then come back on the exchange, this is their

exchange so-called considered to be one of the good exchange as well so compared to them and compared to us you can you can judge yourself so I don't have to give you the comparison off for what we are doing what other people are doing but what I'm saying is you look between ourselves and the clinic you know we're bringing so many things for you under the same platform right now you

select any pair for example so you can see the Wallet balances here this is the order form and you can put a limit order you can put them up a load limit order is an order where you can put a limit at any price so that means if the price is 2.8 one you can put a limit at 2.8 when you can put a limit of 2.8 where you can even put a limit at 3.01 or above that is right market order is an order where the

standing order you can click on that and you buy the whole market order we go on the market that which you have we have bought this whole order right so this is two orders that we have created out here then we have a bullet conversion we have more dynamic where it's conversion right now compared to the last one I should wait okay and then you can do it on a real-time basis this is a trade

order history that will put about 15 of executing clips here complete ok today is two in this one chart we are bringing now we have to make a better version of the charts and this will be the chart that we are bringing where you can probably trade on to the charts so we are integrating those charts so you can drag and drop and put a trade order and the order will be executed from the chart itself there is a lot of

things that we are adding to our exchange so this is one of the very important tools because many people who create from chart can can can trade you know so you don't have to actually, you don't have to go further but you think the market is free for example you boil and then you simply just drag the price here and then put the amount and you sell it and order will be executed on that pipe right

definitely more statistics to it by making more you know surface example ideas I mean there there there are loads of sanity in the chart itself if you want somebody who can significant charge then you can basically get all those tools for this charge so now we're doing tire BIA we are bringing one of the best companies on board from charting perspective because and you're spending money and what you know

looking back and think you know let's do everything in-house but we're trying to work around and to build the best exchange you have to bring the components of every place to build here you can see a rolling ticker out here if that shows you're right price if somebody is here and you don't want to go ahead and see the price you can also supervise from here of them we are also bringing one-click trading

in one kid band when we show you harbor mt4 is there now so pretty much you can fit it in the account so as soon as you log into your taxes account your name you may be documenting it so that you can only create one the live account we can print them or converse you create your account we can deposit it and

once you deposit with the coin in an escrow account and them afraid nowhere our first the strategy was people to deposit the euro as soon as the deposit Europe converted to the dollar because empty for trades in dollars and then whatever would be the Box dollar price we give you that amount of coin into empty

four Buxcoin a square while you are reading we are also bringing the reverse side of this that means now you can use your buck point to come to deposit and trade on empty for both but that will take a little bit time but that is under developing process but I think once you start the euro followed by the
box fine we can you can pin for benefit but now you can click and simply you can trade on empty for pretty much straight away right same product everything you will find out here that that 

you can see on the list on the face all those photos you can see alter this is the beautiful platform because as I said look at the concept of the currency exchange in any exchange you look at a different

user to user somebody is selling somebody is fine like when you talk about our empty for this is not used to using this is used to market that is you are actually trading with the market so you can see half how the prices are fluctuating in a fraction of a second so that means there is more volatility in the market you know people are trading every second and that season the prices are fluctuating that's that fast and

the simple thing is that you are just to recollect the memory again into two Exchanges if somebody has put not your sim picking dollar and paying the price and taking to order in empty for you are actually not picking that whatever other you are trading on the price with a margin and leverage so that means if the price of the say let's take PTC USD you so this is the bias of the DC USB, for example, right you are

selling you're buying the thing is there is a different contract sizes here just like we have an order book where you give you by 0.01 P to see we can go to any extent you can just simply take it from here and you can take it you know you can increase the contractor you can tip you the contract file the

the best part of the empty for is is a stop possible so that means if you feel that the particles if the market is at three-four three nine you want to sell if the market goes to say three two zero so you can probably the face to the and you put your stop loss you can also put your tape of it and then you can pick an 82 I put in first so then it is like you sell by the market you do it and then you then the part is done right so you put a stop loss at market both 3,500 by market my order is automatically so this is the fully automated system

when you put the order you put your stop loss when you're out doing whatever you want to do and as soon as the market touches 3,500 the market is here to the market - 3,500 that means you have taken a hit of $600 and you are out for all three hundred and one hundred hundred dollars and you are out of the market and then the good thing is that you don't have to rely on the buyer or seller to take the

the market as soon as you are in the day want to close your finger on closing so you have realized my profit and there you go so whenever I put a trade on I pay one percent up there as magic and I am getting the full exposure of this so this is the beauty of Mt now this is what we have integrated full empty for

x-ray to go live if you want to trade you can trade on empty for easily whenever you want one Wallet conversions we have done all the breakers and everything we have given you look at these the Exchanges big Exchanges but if you look at the breakup you can't find the break-up all the exact ups are here but we have collaborated it in depth for you to understand beam generates the report by selecting

and then doing that right you pay card and everything what you have to do via scheduled separate section where you can add your bank details before you start you add your strip creditors that means you can put you can add your box water if you want to take a box for drawing whenever you take a box withdrawal whether you take that withdrawal you first from your profile section click on Add button name the currency you say I want to take say Buxcoin, for example, you name it as whatever 

you know DB and then you put a box address to it and then you submit it comes you submitted your address will be added here that means when you go to my Wallet and you go to Buxcoin to put a bit thrown right and you select when you put an amount then you can see the address that I am a packet there this

the address will display so you can just simply select that address and fermentor acquit so I don't have to copy and paste a once you have added there similarly when you go here same goes with a new payment card to the paper also, you have to add so that means then you have already it filling you pay card so before they do that let's let me explain to you how the whole thing works because a lot of people have a confusion

about this, you pay card many people are just going directly to you Picard in creating an account it doesn't work like that because of we are one of the merchants if you play card how will they identify that you belongs to - Phoenix you have to go via our exchange and you click on the positive you come here you select a card whatever amount you put there you click on to poll and then you will be redirected to

bu the card this is here where you up and don't go directly to the UK car, you have to come via this because once you come and find out by this their system will identify that this client particularly belongs to the cash Phoenix so that means they will tag your account with us there are many queries related to this

because people do not understand the whole thing they go straight to you Picard they crave they account and then they try to put it here we are not able to find it because you are not connected with our merchant account and that is one reason it is being there also minimi paper we have done our best
to be an honest look at this particular being talked about how many Exchanges are there the market which is actually delivering fiat currencies there are only a few one of them is this company which is 

now very big computer multi-million dollar company right which is giving a pitch conceived at all then you have Pauline it's when you have crackle hit BTC probably I buy nerd so there are only four-five out of

how many Exchanges let's see so I think some yeah these are the Exchanges here so when we click on the exchange I think hopefully there are how many Exchanges more than hundred two hundred Exchanges out there in the market now out of this whole range of Exchanges that you can see here from here to here how many of them are actually often carrying signals majority of them are giving you

crypto because the nobody wants to take a hassle of giving Pearson everybody wants to be on a safer side take deposits crypto take up too involved why we are going after me and doing that even though we are not you know somewhere near to the coin base or to the finance but still we have or not balanced LJ when base opening but still, we are adding that functionality.