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A Beginner's Guide to Buxcoin And Current Market Situation


A Beginner's Guide to Buxcoin And Current Market Situation

I look at the trade history so slow that is there they are bringing recruiting from outside and people are trading on buy and sell so these sort of functionalities they are not building upon our exchange everything will be finished by the end of this month hopefully and then they new year we will have a new beginning will force you in work

on we're trying to catch up with polar withdrawal as much as we can as I said they're a lot of limitation I mean you take our side as well so we are still struggling with that but still, we are processing every single day in terms of the support yes I know that there was a lot of support for these people have mentioned

and I fully raised my hand up for that because you have a limited social to do that but we have hired a new company in just taken over the support side and they are now looking at the support and not day-by-day basis this is the software that we are looking at everybody they are working on the queries

they are resolved with the for you one circle it is all we are picking up their way so it's become much more dynamic compared to the to the previous system so that means we are not keeping track of all the queries that have been listed they are checked they are completed and then we are posting it back so we are enhancing our support side as well and I and I can say to you that in next you know in the coming

the year I think we will finish off most of the new queries you know and we will create a very smooth and flawless system on the support side but yes you have to keep in mind that we have a big community right now we have one round eighty eighty-five thousand people who are on board it's not political mid gel the problem that we face is the majority of the queries which comes to us are query related to people

not understanding the system ok and then they are confused in local query one after the other one after the other so for us and the one single dialogues query 10 times you know now we have got sep where is in the system we have to work through each and every query to see what is going on but when we look at the queries same search queries are repeating again and again, because people keep on

rocking none of the companies in the world even if you take the best of the best brokers around immunity I can leave we used to work in a very strict regulation where you know if a person logs so query we have to give reply back within a stipulated time frame but even though we are not able to keep it up because technology is something which you don't have a full control on technology is
something which keeps on breaking every single time here and there and you keep on revamping it 

because every now and then new things are coming up, for example, B we made this software in Angelo v and lipsticks from the end of 7 and then your 8 within one year time 3 variant of software comes so then you have to keep on upgrading your system because you have to catch up with the latest technology

you can see how fast technology is moving and then we have to work for those things because the everyday nitty-gritty we face is affirmed right and then these people we look at this they don't care if you conform them right you can lock a query they will also come back to you whatever their own time frame because everybody's having the same issues it's not like wine base or bananas’ will have any

queries you can turbine and show you by NAMM puzzle then you will understand that what how these people are performing I mean they don't even bother you going to put it to them I have done that myself to test what is there you know SLA for before returning the query back and the can you mentioned if you have any issues you know it might take a month if you local query it might take a month

you right so if they have more client-based they have more weight and they are also doing the same thing it's not like if there are 85,000 queries so they have employed 85,000 people to look after the query they have a set of people who are handling and then there is a specific query related to technology side which we believe that yes there is something on an issue we have to fix it then it takes the time it's not

something that can be done overnight and probably that the particular thing has a subsequent effect on other things as well on the technology side so we are picking those issues of the same table so we are trying out this to work around and reduce the support ticket time but that that will take little time from

our end you know especially or either we will do one thing to stop all the development don't do anything and then focus on the queries and let's keep everything running as it is then we will not bring any of the new development on the onyx chain and just focusing on that file rather we focus both things in parallel so affected there's a lot of things we are working on I think by the end of this one you will see

this platform will be a world-class platform and you will see so many things you know that you can't even believe it 5 Buxcoin Wallet bitch so live Wallet the app we have created Buxcoin Wallet will be active shortly I think because we have created a new exchange so now we have to integrate the new exchange

into a box folder that we are doing and under process so hopefully soon probably in a week's time, you will see bug swallowed up and running box while it is there. for only Connection we have not done so we will do the connection bit so life mobile one app we have already created that is the game something we

have them out of the way just to give more ease and comfort to a leader so that instead of blocking some bills just sitting they don't want to show people their desktop while giving a presentation or talking to investors and they can drop into their mobile app and then they can fetch the information
they can give the information or they can show the mobile an app I will be showing everything around 

there all the bullets and stuff so I think these  things we have done at far right now and all things product range that we have created you know is just for the sake of our community right so to understand better in a better way I think the time has come that the push has to come from the community from our end

we have done as much as we can even if we stick to what we have done right now and we push the business through if motivate ourselves we push the Buxcoin to find that Fox coin price will only affect if we have positivity in the community you are the one who is driving the price beyond what

double driving the best recipe if you create if the community gives a negative impact on the market at the end of the day, this is you who will suffer not us you suffer a day and anyhow but the whole community will self but if the community gives a positive impact in the market and the price started to move up and

you will be the beneficiary of that P will not be the beneficiary so everything relies in your hand before doing anything silly in the market I think if something you all are mature as I said we all are working in the families the community that we have created if it is also is driving this coin and if you want to see this coin and the top point it's not a one-man job if the entire community job if the entire community has to come forward push it through this maze everything and then you will see if the volume will come to look at the exchange the volume is left people are on the same side, nobody is on the buy-side 

Again I kept on telling if we have to take the trade Y will be operate exchange then let us give you the control of the exchange the whole purpose of creating an exchange and Buxcoin on that is people should come

and do binding selling on their own at the individual levels so that they will increase the price and only it is it becomes an unmanipulated market otherwise if we do it then because manipulate bucket because we have taken the trade from you so it's not it responds fear on the exchange side that you

know people have put so many trades out here on the sell side all the pairs you pick up everybody's on the set the why because of people just want to send and get out want to sale in Gator if that scenario remains then the coin will not survive some somewhere we have to step up we have to equally

contribute we have to convince ourself the price after 1.8 is 1.8 1 is will my friend after 1.8 - is 1.8 3 is when it goes up to 2 points 2 0 to reach that that like that we have to come and contribute that will 

increase the price and if the price keeps on increasing tomorrow he goes out on market gap and them
cease exchange where people are only on the one side then they would say what is this is a one-sided market who will come and trade with us there was a time four months ago five months ago when people were trading equal Buxcoin is also derived by you the community not by us as I said again I will say exchange should be treated fairly within our community, people have to come and trade don't

just think let's sell it at one point eight five I made my the money I am out but then it box when I raise $50.00 $100.00 what officer says then what will happen this 1.8 guy will be regret that I would have stayed around with the purchase at the lower price because that has increased the price and today is $400 every point you take any point which is treasured on any exchange never have a one-sided muscle

there are buyers in the center both sides and it's a big the community of 85,000 people if all of them start to contribute equally start to manage the trade properly then you see where the trading will go if someone will sell someone will buy our community is increasing every day you are bringing more people in more headcounts that means someone will tell someone will buy a lower price sell at a higher price than the

the volume will start to kick in and then you see the real the functionality of the exchange otherwise the passenger train then we have to go out and better them and connect them to make it more smooth we don't want to go into the manipulation that's the whole thing is creating our own Exchanges for people to come and trade on their own so that they find a market place where they can find a
reasonable buyer and sellers who can pick up the trail it's not the company who comes and take the trade-in and the people come and only just sell their stuff everybody just come and dump the stuff in work and then they say so remember Kate is there for one month it is not picking up but who will pick the trade nobody would take the drill the community has to pick the trade it has to be this the 

the whole thing is driven by the communities not driven by also the manipulators or the stuff like that please this thing is very important we all have to keep in our mind if you want this product to be successful and what the arm I'm just trying to say that if he and openly to everybody is reading to me to this that we all have to contribute equally into the system all these days we have fitted four Buxcoin is just for you to come in

trade otherwise once the outer market will come they come and they will trade on their own prices then it will be hard for us to manage that because in the outer market comes from the trader comes you see the trader will buy it 1.84 and then they will sell you where two-point two zero and you with the person who will buy it in 2.0 why because they will buy in bulk and when you when, you don't have a
point to buy a package you will go and buy the point from them so this all things are equally we have to contribute in other the way to run the exchange smooth and  if all of us come together if the same mindset that look this is how we can succeed in the market niche and exchange a top-class exchange is

only when we have the same vision people with a different vision who does not believe in anything they just you know want to sell and go out and they happen they will be drawn and with them, many people many companies doesn't even give you will draw with all this sort of stuff you know as I said we have

straightforward we have transparent and people are abusing the whole thing so let's commit ourself all of us to a commitment here that look we have the next three months if we all come together next three months on saying the first quarter of 2009 if we push the volume on they exchanged we bring a good volume

we get listed on the coin the market cap we get listed on the outer Exchanges we can be in the market people will start in the standing box point it's just three-month effort we all have to do to list on the exchange we have we have to comply with the criteria and the criteria are that we should have at least 1 million dollar volume per day on the exchange it's not volume doesn't mean only self-id what you mean

to execute a trade a people not giving business B people are not concentrating third people are not understanding the  product for people think that company will do everything will give withdrawal will take the trades we just powerful fin appoint market cap you know will list are you know in in the market

talks and maybe see these key exchange how will we do that it's not the one you cannot clap with one hand we have to clap together in both hand all have to come together to contribute then only it will work otherwise this model that will have any  value until then the model of exchange is to just simply

go inside the exchange to the outer world and  then start making money out there then we should be focusing more getting more towards the outer exchange everything we are doing here everything we are bringing us has not done anything so far for the outer exchange almost a year and a half you we
could have done we could have gone in the market with the tone platform but still people would have come interested with us but we thought it is a time first they give our first calm advantage to our internal community to make money because if you have eighty thousand clients with you so lot many 

Exchanges do not have you in their life much of time and you look at the fake
data on that I was showing you the coin this look at this one screen right look at the trade orders but when you look at the orders coming in can you see how many orders have been executed what I am saying is if this this this many number of photos coming in that is every order are

coming and going by infants it should also reflect the same in the trade straight white registry is not moving on with orders are moving this sort of simulation everybody is laying in but we are not doing it to be honest you want to keep it straightforward natural platform natural growth we can we instantly make you feel oh you know you know tomorrow I can make it move every second you will see
order coming in and out in and out in and out but first we want to make it happen in a way that is a natural growth on a platform actual trading goes in then the platform will build a natural volume not a manipulator value and it will take time for us to bond and pull market cap too much Freeman doesn't matter it's not like this not like a point market cap is not like a regulators, you know that we have to be

there and it makes a huge difference or else people go on my appoint market cap who doesn't have a community we have we have taught to have the community of 88,000 people why should we even bother to win out there so the magnitude The creek we will go there but it's not mandatory for us to move it if a single the person clicks on trade on an exchange 80,000 created a massive only that will change the whole

the scenario of the extreme inside out try it out by putting some the bio doesn't sell orders and then you see in one particular pair you will enjoy you will knock your do investor will come in see of all men inbox you're okay look at the trading the way trades are coming in and going out here people are thinking that they have invested some amount they got this much point to let's go and sell it out simple as that who will

have the guts to come and be on the other side of the trade to make it happen someone has to step up we could have also done that thing by buying the trade only all be able to move the price down manipulation you can see yourself if there is a manipulation the price would not have been standing at two you know the price would have easily come down to less than 50 cent because if we have to sell it

we will push the price down to select my cheaper  file but we have not done that because we want the price to sustain as it is let it grow naturally if people start working and making it successful maybe it's it looked very odd for a few months but when people start picking up on both sides of the trade then you see how it goes things will be different right so anyhow this is all about us you know what we have done

so far I've shared everything platform is fully ready you can trade as much as you can if there is anything that you feel that is not up to the expectation of course there and developing stage please send us an email and we definitely looking it doesn't mean you're not answering it goes to thousand million you cannot answer but we are reading each and agreement that comes through and we are implementing

your feedback on to our platform every now and then that is an assurance I can give you under present we are not ignoring anybody emails we have only focusing we are taking time to reply which is also trying to finalize the solution which after all you have we found a solution to smoothen the support tickets and

give you a real-time and queries concur and answer to your query all these things we have sorted out hopefully soon you will see that more and more queries you know will pass through our system and we will try to come up with the adequate answer to the question so with this I believe that I think we have to do some sort of commitment for the 2019 i3 everybody is doing very well, to be honest, the good thing

that I as I said always keeps me motivated is my community my community really works very hard this they all are dedicated they all are the old trust of the system everything the trust message and everybody is in that and I think the only thing that is missing out there is just confidence you know and that confidence if you lose the confidence between the system then at the end of the day what will

happen you know you will use the device you will lose the whole scope of box phone that we have done this we have to keep also motivated every day to make it happen you see the result in a year's time to be honest to be honest this is not like a company cannot give you a result in learning how to sign and

practically one year time and the development is ongoing so now the time has come as I said now from 2019 it will be a month for us to perform so that I will some of my article today and you know it was me talking to all of you, today and I hope I have given you your fill inside amount of the product you develop and

keep on reading we will see function developing yourself on a platform keep logging and keep trading you know and then you will see developing a be now identified and empty for I have been I've decided to start over Bernard on 94 shortly I will let you know full questioning I will take people 

on one being people we have a team in-house we specialize in antique or Devon managed we accounted zero temperature and want to trade if you want to trade items but they know how to trade how to make that we imagine leverage K stop loss profit loss everything I will explain basic as much as I can 

because it's very difficult to actually teach you how to frame but you know we have the more consummate people you can practice or as much as you can intense you feel you are happy we are confident to comment rate then you can come in open a live account and start the with the trailing edge those tools we are developing formulas will shortly so thank you so much once again for reading me.