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The Anatomy of Buxcoin MOYO Social Trading Platform

Buxcoin MOYO Social Trading Platform
Buxcoin MOYO Social Trading Platform

The Anatomy of Buxcoin MOYO Social Trading Platform

Thank you very much for reading my articles my first article has got some really good overwhelming response from all our client and I'm really very happy and pleased that people have read my article and they have requested it,  requested me to actually speak on the different subject so today I will be publishing

my second article and in this article I will try to emphasize more on the Social trading platform and through this article I will try to actually show you how the Social trading platform works so it becomes easier easy for all of you to actually use the MOYO trading platform so I only spoke in detail about how

the Social trading platform work I think the main focus today is I will touch a little bit on how the effects work and then how you can attach the empty for trading platform which is an effects platform to our military craft so let's look at the screen ok so let's start the first training session about oil trading platform I think let's first go to the more trading patterns of I will first describe what is this concept all about

so first thing first is the name so it took a lot of time and thinking brainstorming behind that we are reading this for you and so she came back and this is something because since 2017 when you started before that our new members do have the benefits platform and somewhere at the back of our mind into thinking that you know effects is something which not every is very interesting well yesterday
although there is a country where everybody wants to come being great on that expect because of having no knowledge in that's right people just get scared and step back working and fortunately, FX was the main driving force behind box wine to make it relatively easier for our trying to utilized utilize

associated new platforms so it affects background is to build a tool around that which complement the FX trading platform which helps our user will actually use the platform and you know to make some money to expand so so then the idea came that okay we will create a trading platform we try to prop it up to our FX back and the Social trading platform so we were thinking about the name and in this way

means we scream commander we wanted to be we wanted a name which is quite a very solid in the name which is very very aggressive very strong in the clothing and we came across move now what is my own recipe click and try to invest very aggressive you can say is very old trying to be like that 

they illuminate their culture or normal thing and we assume that because it's very smooth it has some image gets embedded in the client who is very musical so that's this that's how we came to the story so now we come to the main point at least I will start elaborating more on how the Social trading factoring works in probably the infinite session I will try to touch base as much as I can but hurry first I will give

you an overview of blackboard and then based on the comment from the article, I will probably start with a little bit by bit in an entire article section so to access my up trading platform and before we go dive into more associated in fact we will first have a move to our FX platform which is empty for now MT4 is as world-famous FX trading platform because of the majority of the retail customers around the world

they trade on me and to trade only in empty form they'll like to 24 because such a user-friendly platform so data smoothness and it is indeed a very usable exactly so we decided to do to launch MT4 platform along with our Exchange and I think we will be the first Exchange two-degree campaign fall into the platform and through one Willard system, we are giving access to move a little please and effects learn when you are to the community piece of work spine work so FX as you can see the black moon 

you can see how fast the prices so the Caliphate of effects is this is highly volatile market around in the product it's 2005 effects into the custom tiptoes open and then in both models of this is in the rich background so that means the picture to the networks and most 100 levels that means work you are

technically only giving 1% of your engine investment and rest is the best article thus if you're trading a little to Exchange sophistical Exchange for the Univision universe you are getting what you are doing selling for is a physical transaction in this market it is known as a user so here the user trade on the price

which is activated in the market okay Don you click it twice the price that goes in the market and get cleaned up hit when you put a trade you don't have to wait for another party to pick up the trade actually rather you can if you have taken a cell to sell trade then you are allowed to actually 

close by buying that trade right so that's a really good part so and that is the reason the technical term for this particular product is called CFDs which is a contract for a difference actually you are entering into a contract between buy and sell and whatever is the difference between the buy and sell is the issue of profit loss so this is what is all about so the way it works is if you want to trade on empty for Union either go directly to cash finished or calm and then we can apply for MP for account

there or you know we have other sources where you can open up people so when whatever so used to community profound uncertainty for the contest is open I think we can we have a web-based back only have white version desktop version or empty for you can be available in that first order so now 

when you account is created you basically will get a username here you know phosphor and I'll show you don't worry about there was a live account username and password are there when you even can either download this platform from here and run it on the desktop this majority locator does or if you don't want to do that you can simply click on the open in a picker which is a web-based background and

between drought illustrate the various background in love them when you can see your balance you can see values here you can see your the equity you can see margin with free margin imaginary right now currently I have got one fatal thing here which I will show you where this plane is actually sitting so so this is empty for back now we come to the show here coming back down so for Social critic platform

Munich you type in so this is all right - w-w-w-whoa new trade dot-com so patriot is designed the very user-friendly way we have tried to embed as much information as we can like this some technical charts so that our newbies and customers stakeholder you know they when they come onto

the platform they can learn as much as they can right and then once all of that is done and we empty for the account is open back in cash flow or any resource then you have to come and sign up for an account right so you can actually sign up for ammulu which is relatively by the easy process to do you just fill up

this form and you're monitoring account is created so it's a very simple form and I'm not gonna go through the whole thing is very simple as it sails the first name last name any other display name email address on the star the only thing you have to think that you have to focus on is where are you signing up 

so here you can sign up as a trader you can sign up as an investor so if for example he chooses an investor then it can ask you how much money model college today you can pick up from the drop-down menu or you can enter your own numbers and then the second part is the liberal arts the leverage is something

wherein what leverage are you doing that you will actually be withdrawn it's reversible now listen - Finex of mental illness 201 against but sometimes on case-by-case recently we need if the difference of a revolution between several clients depending on their websites and then you click on preview upon you create it and that will be the terminal count right away and once it is created then and we go to the signup page we log in because I will be locked in so I will come straight to the dashboard so like 

this is a moon training dashboard very simple now the first thing is I will first take it to the hole - you can see dashboard so you can see what the status we have it's a real count you are an investor here and this is equity balance margin free module we have profit and loss and profit loss inbox these are all coming from the empty for but I will show you how it will come in below here is this is your public profile 

so when you are signing up the system will ask you we want to go by their name where you want to keep your public profile as whatever you know like, for example, I let me come mg FX so it will be visible to the entire people as MJ defects you can see I am an investor right this is an entire portfolio so that

means that you know whatever traders I am following to whatever is YG's collective otherwise the generating is an accumulative number so you can see the 40 percent that means between numbers of tables we have selected and the trading commodity did the cumulative is wide and then it will give 

you the overall profit and losses on this film this red color showing the current PML so this is the total operon laws will be displayed closed this is that means there's there are some fair open trains going on and these current losses were floating because it became screen is hangar now first is a manual that means

you can trade only one account you want secondary I am following the fader but affection you can see here I can some invested among Latinas the criteria I have set for the semester it's all over here and then I'm called another trivia and it goes right on 493 if I click on this small button that means whatever

trade time for means instead I can click this button so I don't have to go to the position cage to close the weather in front of me now this is a graph which may give you two things one is either you sell it what will be your property loss of between recovery loss right or how much as you have equity so cute really

what is the equity so if it is three-four four three-point seven six right so that means you know the trail is going on and that is one-seventh of November so this is the stability this remainder so this is after the equity and pain and you can also do you know a date range and you can select in two days 

or you can do a custom range between this and that and you can probably able to see the whole history now on the top we will see a couple of tabs - but I already explained trade the tab is where we have created our own internal propriety paste works platform which we call it as a moon of lust I will explain later in 

the article there is a different subject to cover but it's a beautiful flat for me and created so clients would move on screen but doesn't want to do an MT4 and wants to try on more class, they can do it through this if it does the same understanding same features like because of you know the play seamless background they've got salesperson moves out here so I'm gonna discuss with you on this subject with

its species it means a lot of you know I need to elaborate more and from explaining how the whole thing works then we have a position tab that means whatever trail is going on the empty pool you can see all those fields out there so I have right now I have this strip of anything any of my name people account which is linked through the Social media then this is a people page where you will find all the traders

you can come here and it selects a trader and then based on this we choose a trader than when the trailer starts fading the trade winds will start to clear this is history so you can see the history of whatever product team trading on your account by a different set of traders that you will follow me 

so the games we play original so even you can go in the detail you see trade by trade what exactly is this little bow by this article data I'm going to accept it if lotion is a lot of detailing we have done on this time for your fugitive transitory so you can see a history in we can see on the profit end tips and you can 

see a profit in dollar what you can see so profit and tips mean the time you have entered the market and the time you have closed the difference between both are the tips that you can calculate how many tips the market is going up in the entry and exit and then profit in dollars is you know 

what controller is it straight settlement on the spreads this is right then we have an account here where you can set it up within certain order you can go get pictures if you can see the profile you can get to find gold

you can make a public profile as well and you can disable the public field enable the problem you want if you want to name to be displayed in the market as he asked for as real mean you can do that and we all those jogging's you cannot do out here you can put a picture and stuff like that 

you can also write to find description should be thinking you know trader comes in to look at you what exactly would one give some people buy what we have to do exactly as an investor, I want someone becoming a trade investment a substantial investment somebody would say it's a mistake when do I have

to take in to discuss anything you want we can just do it in the profile section you change the password and you can actually transfer your not between the account started explaining how it's possible that come back then we have settings in settings you will see to everybody work following a new traders menu or

the toilets work this is the place way where you can actually, amend the tribal table to any trade so here there are certain action button is where you can click on that you can actually, amend the criteria 
so that

I would explain you want your traders page I found settings so you know if you turn off receiving the new signal that means none of the trade will come through your platform so you did not receive any signal of the new trade this is where you will link your broker accounts when you click on change broker right norm and empty for accounts link but if you have your empty for that none will come here

you want the same thing instead of the rate of change broker account you'll see link broker account right and you can then link that I found with this then we have maximum open North so you can see how many open what we have you know a lot size indicated Christ with you there and then the last thing are you can

actually, invite your strength so on the riffle you will get some extra wine so it's a very nice tool for you to actually and when you like and when you are making some money, of course, we do there's a word of module spread out we will definitely you have many people around you if you come to that from here

you will find a good set of traders you're making America so for today I think is more than enough for this article and stay tuned I'm gonna do the second round of article opening where I will go I will explain each and every tab and that way everybody will be able to understand this anyway so once thank you very much for taking time out and I wait for your comment on my next article and from there I will take it forward thank you very much.