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The Most Innovative Things Happening With Buxcoin And Current Market Situation


The Most Innovative Things Happening With Buxcoin And Current Market Situation

you know somebody wrote me 15,000 or exceed so that's there you go 15,000 50 X is are there how many of them appreciate what single only a handful of them so why we are taking the pain on going that way and covering that range and bringing you that giving you that ease of it all because we're trying to give the best of the

the best tool to our community right so all these hard work that we are putting in place goes to zero when people come back and say you know Fox one is not doing their final yes but it doesn't work like that but that that really upset us that de-motivator that where we will bring that forward let's stop it here right there's no point in putting so much effort oh mighty value for the wiping exchange and bringing all these

things here you know we are adding more and more fame and get this way you get them the enriched way that we have done remember that this is a big challenge for us to get the payment get you on land is so hard to convince these women gateways to come and give us a solution because again we are into the competition with the traditional banking today banks are not giving the payment agree right because for

them cryptocurrency the Hydra school see first for the case for the cryptocurrency is not a high-risk area for the cryptocurrency the computed competition for them, we are actually taking the Duluth away by offering all the facilities on our exchange so sometimes you we all have to film this side of you know to look at the first and stop that we're putting and basically trying to bring best of the best

on a very short period of time, I believe all of you agree to that fact right and we are trying to get up as much as we can with what we have started one functionality we started giving withdrawals then what happiness if everybody started bombarding us of the amount available for pickups you pay the card also have their own capacity this not because you have seen yourself when you go to regard and sign up for

PayPal account they do their own cabling day to Bayonne checked imbalances this bit is even though we evaluated they are not saying to other to have you have done the KYC that's fine we will not do that then why are they doing an activity because they want to make sure that they are honest a perfect but the good thing is that they are actually giving us the solution to our problems likewise Torian stones

you will see many people are now appearing in the market which is actually targeting a form like us to the progressive solution but then for you, 100 euro is ready but if you look at the back end of it how much commission we pay W Picard is unbelievable and who is losing that exposure if our switch isn't moving

that exposure we are not deducting that money from anyone only money is ejected from your account
is because with charges you pay but they are charging both ways because they are providing a solution by money and we are giving a debit the card in them especially in Europe so there are a chargeback and everything that falls on our left we have to give them a guarantee that it is a unique chargeback you will

pay from our markup or profit now these things nobody discussed with you you know if you look at a
just scenario which of the exterior an exchange for billion on via one of the exchanges like finance and one but who cares you know being you talk to the management team of point base or finance a few people if people among you are trading for Bitcoin now you go to the customs or modem and local coding they will give you an option to measure time here if we are body is laid for 10 days people are

bombarded because we have direct contact the goal of people so people have started thinking that you know we are just sitting and doing nothing we have too much load and pressure you know at the same time we are not only focusing on just what we are then we are also focusing on the development
at the same time, we are also looking at the real-time stories and trying to resolve it but as much as we can then we have got so many things look after we have got full bit survive software in one hand we have Wallets on the other hand we have explained on the pattern and then we have utilities on the foot so all these things that we are working on you know we are still not a multi-million pound or dollar

company like coinbase we will be one day but right now we are not B&B as the company is not thinking that way in this cryptocurrency must say that I have seen many points that came in one market and this is a very important point that all of you have to keep in your mind and you can do your research on your own majority of the coin which came in the market those coins that frumpily has made fund

investors have not they have not delivered any product they were based on the promises by they've based on the fancy feminine no real-time product nobody can see in people invested millions and millions in on our side it's unfortunately the other way around us as a company are on a different side level but for our for us, our pitch difference is our client has made the money they have many

people from India was published in our article right now when they join they join at $0.10 this for the fine-tuning rules two-and-a-half-year-old even at 5 euros at a time don't you think they have made money from the exchange if we want we would have dropped the price we will rotate them what they have made but we are fully transparent on our level and we believe this is our the belief that we want

to be transparent in the market we want to be transparent with our investors even though we are suffering and bleeding from all corners left still working towards making our investors and Lidl happy today leaders are making money from us heavy Commission, if I give you a side of the example in FX industry fader, comes broker comes to introduce client he takes heavy Commission right and we paid them heavy Commission's but in the FX ID if a person loses money we make money even 

if a person makes money they still make money so giving the commission or a rebate or heavy rebate on the FX ID is not something we should put them down on the other side if you look at the traditional system of affiliate marketing this is where the people are making money majority of the money goes to the investors

leaders we support them we help them be to the seminar we put our time in doing an article we do every single thing that helps to grow your business but in return what we get in return we are sitting we are bleeding you are still working we are making things right we are bringing the right product to the introducing new will new things right we are not stopping we are bringing best of the best liquidity just

to bring a bank onboard equals half a million of investment for these prices that I am talking about you despite it that you see you think the spice will be have made all the spices which are moving multiply so that you can see out here on the empty for these prices that you see it's not the prices that we have we are 41 empty forces the prices that we bring from a liquid to either so that means that they take money

from what in advance then only they give us a liquid click  to come in the trade we have to token an account with them pearls all these investments we are doing by because we wanted to offer best or the best for our two outlined it so on our side people have made money and they are making money but then again the grievance is there but again the demotivation is thereby good that people are intact I know people

believe in the fact that being whatever we are offering I can still, bet no one none of the cryptocurrencies in the market with the same model is there in the market first of all none of the cryptocurrencies have got so many tools that they're offering to the investor if anyone of you can name them all the tools that we have created anyone cryptocurrency offering that you can I can bet you I can give this box

going on that set if you name them so you can you can judge yourself it's not only you know just thinking this way at the end of the day it's us it's you we both all together are driving this ship and this the ship alone cannot go just only weak we cannot drive the whole thing if again as I said that is a community that we have created the only thing is instead of going to an IC o---- will be updated in outer

burn to through I see you made a lot of capital which is most of the firm prefer to do nobody moves to go through the affiliate marketing route because if we would have non-stop or just to an ICU there is at least thirty to forty million dollars in the one book we have done on the production and then our product

will be in the market and we I will be on the beach somewhere in Bahama why would I be sitting here and you know banging my head against the wall and doing the developments and resolving the queries and reading to people and bring about the not agreeing and some and aren't traveling and everything we all are doing that's the easy business you look at the market right now majority of the companies

with the new point are going to a night 0 we get an inquiry every single day who wants to put that money in the interrupting and exchange people just launched a point with the concept and that's it there you go, people, automatically come in invest today you send us so much it if you have the money you will invest somewhere people lose hope in the banking side they don't want to invest in the banking the banking

never gives anything to them right if banks do anything we cannot moon for example of bank loans you have a phone book do you do maybe you say four-five things to or to a relationship manager but they have closed they're closed Bank is making money on the money that is there in the bank account we'd be none of us anything in the bank in the crypto market when you are bringing those things them

think it goes a little bit left and right people start you know to bank on your head and say what is going on we know the Sun bag of those stuff but I think we have to come out of all those proof if you wonderful 2019 is very  important for us um we are almost coming to an end of finishing all the product exchange

will be with all the new functionality will be finished by the end of this month we are bringing one-click trading everything they are bringing on though we will see silver chain remember yes right so those tools that we have and we also this is the just a backbone with every single functionality but now we are bringing is one click one click itself that you have just seen here I will show that the build-up and we are

going and people when you see there is two things this one click trading is something that when you look at the market you click order is done instant order this functionality we are now building into our stock to exchange and none of the Exchanges activity the price change offering the one-click trading so we have been inducted but probably I will try to show you how it works I will show you that a little bit

development that we have done and I will try to workaround our country the real-time but I will try to show you that how you are trying to bring it out now this is what we are trying to bring it this is a one click trading which is now under development ok so this we are bringing this as a complete platform

within the platform, so that means whatever buying sulfides you see you see in order book you enter the amount you click on sell the trade is done right and this one-click trading is a fashion only in the FX world right I will show you one of the company that is done and we are trying to similarly you know a workaround you now we are bringing a similar thing to our platform that means that here we will be

updating a section on one click then you click on that section right now what you do basically makes give you an example if you want to put a limit order you put an amount say whatever amount you buy less let's take an example of Buxcoin etherium,  Buxcoin zero such so in the limit order what you do is you put a limit that I want to put like say when you put a sale order a 2.2 so you have done you've entered

the amount you have done this and everything with 1-click what will happen is basically the scenario will be different here when you click on anything you know ticket will open and then you can just simply put a trade on right and we are bringing effects bit tokens one clip training so that means now you will have

ease of creating photo as well as effects both with this the system right you simply enter the amount from here and then you buy and sell whatever you want to do you can order X pages so this system we are launching within ten days time so this is a platform within a platform so you can see all this is the platform itself but this one click is another single a platform so this come we have developed

this platform based on one click so we are also bringing these tools for our script extremes and right now as I speak I think none of the Exchanges I've got a similar tools there so this complete enhancement that we are doing we are we are actually trying to make the experience and journey of a client much more in a much better way, in fact, we are putting so much effort now this platform is simply sufficient

for people to come and trade why are we putting so much the effort is because when I look at our client base people are not very much familiar but when people look at this one click and they think this is services by is easy for them to put a trade on right now then going in a tradition where is just simple way and plus all the outer FX trader when they come they prefer to create on a high-frequency market

because it helped them to trade more easily and faster to be honest, compared to the traditional way of trading and that is the reason we are doing that so as I said as we speak this is already under development hopefully, soon you will see that you will have another section of the one complete trading within the platform itself so pretty much I have covered everything yes I think but superstore new

the version of the book superstore is coming as well as I said everything will be finished by the end of this one we are aiming to do that no promises but yes we are striving hard to finish that new version of the both superstore is coming with impulse coin but we're also integrating into it so it becomes you one half actually when you log in you're a box Wallet will be will be integrated at the checkout so you just use

your Wallet and you can buy the product we have I if maybe come please now and we are adding many products especially with the new range of healthcare products that you will see soon on the on our website also this wondrous business we are pushing through as well and I think apart from that two more projects we are bringing me will not disclose right now because then people become too curious on

that side rather now I believe that when I finish the project I can probably you know once we have about to finish it then I will show you for the people then that will keep you more motivated up okay and I can be able to give you the exact timeframe that can be an adult emotional project but we are constantly every

the single day we are working around the utility side more trading experiences more trading platform and we are finding more different base to do cooperation in the market to burn out our box coin so that more buy and sell happens in the market people music we're doing at IEPs with different vendors in the

market that can use our payment gateways so all these processes are there once everything will be finished by 31st of December I believe New Year's 2019 we will be in a supersonic mode bullet train will be only doing marketing bringing out the world if you will see a lot of changes on our exchange by then

also, this Straits and everything will also move very fast because we have to build a new technique just like coin based we are bringing liquidity because we understand how they are they are functional you know because what I look at them I look at the orders they're moving so fast.